What you should know about the healthcare staffing industry


You are in high demand

  • There is a well-documented shortage of healthcare providers, creating numerous job openings

  • There are not enough residency slots to train the number of  physicians needed in today’s medical environment 

  • There are a variety of factors, including an aging population and healthcare reform, that are creating additional strain


With so many options, it can be difficult to identify the right position for you

  • There are over 7,000 recruiters representing over 6,000 hospitals and facilities in the U.S.
  • There is no recruiting degree or certification –  many recruiters lack the knowledge and experience to properly vet positions

  • There is no standardized process for recruiters – many recruiting companies do not have a process that is geared towards long term success

  • Many jobs advertised online have not been properly vetted


Your time is valuable

  • Have you ever spent time clicking endlessly through sites with little to no results?

  • Have you ever spoken with a recruiter that sounded like he/she was reading off a script or could not answer your questions about a job?

  • Have you ever interviewed in a position that felt like a waste of time?

  • Have you ever been misled about an opportunity (financials, specific geographic location, or job details)?